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Svailability available
Software Betsoft, Arrow’s Edge
Deposit Methods MasterCard, Neteller, Visa, Skrill, Bitcoin
Withdrawal Methods Bank Wire Transfer, Direct Cash, MasterCard, Neteller, Visa, Quick Cash, Skrill, Bitcoin
Withdrawal Times EWallets: 24 hours
Card Payments: 3-5 days
Bank Transfers: 12 days
Cheques: Not offered
Pending Time: 24 hours
Withdrawal Limit
Affiliate Program GT Revenue
Casino Type Instant Play, Mobile
Manual Flushing No
RTP Not publicly audited
Currencies US dollars
Languages English
Licences Curacao
Established 2011
Live Chat No
Contact Support Mail Email: [email protected] US/Canada Support Phone Telephone: +1-800-509-4847
Gtbets Casino

GTbets bonuses put you in line for some major perks that can add to your gambling bottom line. These bonuses are varied and robust, putting GTbets up at the top of the list in terms of rewards programs and perks from real money gambling websites. Checking out these bonuses in an in-depth fashion will help you determine how best to take advantage of them.
It’s no surprise that GTbets offers its players bonuses on both sports and casino gambling wagers, as most websites of its type do. But where GTbets stands out is in the scope and variety of the bonuses that it gives out to players. If you’re an online gambler, you’re bound to find something you like on their promotions page.

In the following article, we’ll go deep into the list of the top GTbets real money bonuses and tell you everything you need to know. We’ll explain each bonus, tell you what to expect from the terms and conditions, and explain why these bonuses will benefit you. On top of that, we’ll tell you how to activate these bonuses while also answering some important questions about the process.

The Best GTbets Bonuses

To start off, let’s take a look at the various GTbets bonuses awaiting you when you visit the site:

  • 150% Sign-up Bonus Up To 0

Many real money gambling websites base their promotional programs around the sign-up or welcome bonus. After all, that is their main tool for attracting new gamblers and securing their business, which is what they need to do in such a competitive industry. GTbets does a really nice job with their bonus, balancing value with reasonable and obtainable restrictions.

When you sign up at GTbets, you’ll receive a 100% sports betting bonus on your first deposit between (minimum) and 0 (maximum), and then an additional 50% on your second deposit up to 0. Cash bonuses are still subject to rollover requirements, but they allow you a little more flexibility in how you can use them. You’re not limited to certain types of bets or venues for wagers.

If you’re going to use the sportsbook for your sign-up bonus at GTbets, you’re subject to a multiplier of 12 times. Those totals go up for casino games and drop a little bit for horse racing bets (down to 8x). By allowing you to wager the bonus wherever you want, GTbets is, in a way, giving you the chance to dictate your terms.

Automatic Reload Bonus

Whereas welcome bonuses are targeted at new players, reload bonuses are a way to touch base with those who have already signed up for a gambling website. That can mean those who have an account but have been somewhat inactive. It can also refer to regular players who bet often. In any case, GTbets shows that those customers are a priority with this offering.

The great thing about this bonus setup is that you don’t have to do anything to make it happen. You’ll be notified that you’re eligible when you sign in to your account and are informed of a “bonus alert.” That will let you know that you qualify.

In general, this bonus at GTbets will occur when your account level sinks to 25% of your previous deposit. That means you’re running a bit low, so GTbets wants to get you back in the fold. Getting a sudden GTbets bonus is a good incentive for you to do that, especially with rollover requirements like these:

  • Favorite Teams Bonus

This promotion is aimed at sports bettors and gives you incentive to be a “homer” and bet on your favorite team when you have the chance. To make this happen, you designate at the beginning of a season your favorite NBA, NFL, or NCAA football or basketball team. When the team plays a regular season game, you get a little odds boost on spread wagering.

Imagine that you love the Minnesota Vikings and they are listed at GTbets as a 3-point favorite in a specific game. If you’ve designated them as your favorite team, you will get a line of minus-2 ½ instead. That half-point can often make a big difference in sports wagers.

There are some restrictions to this GTbets bonus, which we have listed below. But it’s also great because there isn’t any rollover or anything like that, just a little assistance with a normal wager. And if it gives you a reason to bet on your favorite team, that’s even better.

Regular Season games only

Max bet at the adjusted line ,000 for NCAA Football and ,000 for NFL

Straight wagers only. No parlays, teasers, or if-bets. Sides only, full game only, no totals, no 1/2 times, no quarters

Management reserves the right to suspend this promo for any account at any time

10% Casino Rebate

Even at a top gambling site like GTbets, which is really looking out for its customers, the odds are against you. It doesn’t matter what casino game you’re playing, you’re up against a house edge that makes it tough for you to win in the long run. This bonus is a way to defend against that.

What happens is that the site will assess your weekly play to see if you came out with a net loss during that time period. If you did, you’ll get a 10% rebate added into your account. And this comes with no rollover attached to it, which is always a good thing.

Casino Wins – Casino Losses – GTbets Bonuses – Rewards Cash – Rebates = Casino Loss GTbets credits your account with 10% of this casino loss

Keep in mind that the assessment will be made with GTbets casino bonuses, rewards cash, and other rebates taken into account, so that will limit the net loss in most cases. But it’s still a little bit of a consolation prize. And cutting your losses is never a bad thing.

15% Horse Rebate

No sport incorporates wagering better than horse racing. After all, it had a head start on the rest of the competition, considering that it has been around for hundreds of years and wagering has, for most of that time, been a legal part of the action. GTbets understands the betting interest in the sport, which is why they’ve included a rebate offer targeted at horse players.

The horse racing rebate works similar to the casino rebate, although it is spread over a month at a time rather than a week. The GTbets bonus rebate amount is a bit higher, as you’ll get 15% back from your losses. Once again, the formula is that all of your wins are set up against the losses and bonuses you may have received in that span of time.

Keep in mind, this applies only to straight horse wagering with pari-mutuel odds. If you make a fixed-odds or futures bet on horse racing, it won’t be included in this GTbets promotion. That 15% rebate can soften the blow of a rough month betting at the track.

Free Spin Bonuses

There is nothing quite as exciting as getting to wager on something without putting anything of your own at risk. That’s essentially what takes place with GTbets free spin bonuses. You’ll be able to choose between “Play Now, Deposit Later,” “Deposit,” and “Instant” free spins in this promotion.

This works in much the same way as the Automatic Reload bonus we mentioned above. Once your account has dropped below a certain level, the bonus for the free spins will become available to you. From there, you can choose how you want to proceed.

At GTbets, the “Play Now, Deposit Later” option is a popular one. You can play the free spins to see if you’ve won enough to make it worth the deposit. Very few real money gambling sites give you that kind of control over your bonus offers.

GTbets Email Promotions

This is an example of GTbets keeping things fresh in terms of the bonuses it offers to its regular players. All you need to do to qualify for this is add the address [email protected] to your contacts once you sign up, so that you don’t miss the mailings. On those mailings, you’ll find GTbets bonus offers that you won’t find anywhere else on GTbets.

Some of the GTbets sportsbook bonuses that you just might get from the newsletter:

  • Double Reloads
  • Point Discounts on Bets
  • Free Bets on Specified Games
  • Double Reward Point Promotions
  • Game of the Week Specials
  • No Juice or Half Juice Specials
  • Sweepstakes Giveaways

You can see that GTbets gets creative with these promotions. This is the kind of variety that you’ll be striving for when it comes to online casino and sportsbook promotions. If you can’t find anything among these newsletter options, you really aren’t looking hard enough.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Online casinos and sportsbooks have to be aggressive about recruiting new customers. One way is to use existing customers on their behalf. To give the existing customers something for their efforts, GTbets has instituted a Refer a Friend bonus.

You’ll get 50% of any deposit by the friend that you’ve referred, up to 0.

That’s basically free play that you get without having to reload on your own. All you have to do is lend your friend your GTbets ID and have them type it into the space for referrals upon signing up.

The restrictions on this wager are basically to ensure that you’re at least a semi-active player. You have to have made five deposits of your own in your GTbets account, including one within the previous three months, for a total of at least 0. Considering the fact that the rollover requirements for this promotion are minimal, this is really one where you’re getting great value for a minimum of effort.

Game Time Rewards

Game Time Rewards is the name that GTbets gives to their loyalty program. These programs are a staple of online gambling websites. The more that you play and wager, the more perks you’ll receive compared to the average customer who doesn’t play as much as you do.

You’ll enter into this program at the moment that you sign up for GTbets. The goal is to bet enough that you start achieving different levels at the site. Platinum is the highest of their three rewards levels, with gold and silver trailing not too far behind.

How you get to those levels depends on achieving a certain number of points, which are amassed through betting at the site, in a given amount of time. Once you start moving up the various GTbets levels, you’ll see that you’re getting access to prizes, sweepstakes entries, and cashback. Cashback is perhaps the best lure of all to keep track of this progress, since that’s money that goes into your pocket without your having to meet any rollover requirements.

Why You Should Use GTbets Bonuses and Promotions

You might be skeptical about using rewards programs and bonuses at betting websites, perhaps feeling that the offers might be too good to be true. In truth, that would only be the case at sites that might not be on the level. But for a reliable website like GTbets, there’s no need to worry about anything improper because they’ve established a reliable brand in the industry.

Actually, if you don’t take advantage of the various bonuses, you’re actually hurting yourself. You can really help yourself out with these perks. Take a look at some of the reasons why this is the case.

Many Ways to Benefit

No two bonuses are created alike at GTbets. They do a nice job of changing up their offers. You can certainly find a promotion that fits your needs no matter your interest or your preferred level of betting.

If you’re just starting out with online gambling, the sign-up bonuses offered by GTbets are an excellent way for you to get rolling. Maybe you only plan to bet sporadically, in which case, the reload offers could be your thing. Or perhaps you want to really be active, so the Game Time Rewards make a lot of sense.

What we suggest is that you check out the page for promotions at GTbets and look at the terms and conditions. We covered some of it here, but there is much more detail on the site. If you do this due diligence, you’re likely to happen upon just the right bonus for you.

Online Casino and Online Sportsbook

It’s always a good thing to have everything you need in one site. We understand that bonus-hopping from site to site can be okay, but you run more risk of being disappointed by one of the sites you use when you do it that way. When you can get everything you need on one site, and get top bonuses as well, you really don’t need to stray.

GTbets can indeed do that for you. On the one hand, it’s home to an outstanding real money online casino with a great variety of games. Everything you can imagine in some high-end casino is right there at your fingertips.

But GTbets also gives you the benefit of a fully-operational sportsbook. That means you can have year-round action on all your favorite sports and teams. Because the bonuses are available for both aspects of GTbets, you really get a little bit of everything in one convenient package.

Constant GTbets Bonus Offers

Too many gambling websites lack creativity and ambition when it comes to their bonus offers. It can make things stale very fast when nothing is coming your way that interests you. You might find yourself using the bonuses less and less, which ultimately hurts your bottom line.

But GTbets does a nice job of changing things up for its players. Of course, it has the standard welcome, reload, and rewards offers. Yet it also includes something unique like the Favorite Teams odds boost as well.

You can also get new bonuses all the time if you pay attention to the newsletter. These temporary perks can really make things exciting. And you won’t find yourself bored by the same old offers that any other site in the world can give you.

Earning Your Perks

If you’re going to be gambling at an online sportsbook or casino, it makes sense that you should try to get the most out of the experience. You should think of gambling as an investment. Whatever you can do to possibly improve your return on that investment should be undertaken.

In the case of bonuses at GTbets…

Getting access to these GTbets bonuses is as easy there as it is at any gambling website we encountered. Everything about signing up for the bonuses at the site is extremely intuitive. As a matter of fact, there are some bonuses that require you to do little more than click on the offer.

In terms of rules and restrictions, the ones included on GTbets real money bonuses are certainly fair. There’s no excuse for you not to take them up on these offers. You’re playing the games anyway
you might as well reap the rewards offered to you.

How to Claim a Bonus From GTbets

GTbets Bonuses FAQ

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GTbets Promotions Conclusion

We hope that you have a better understanding now of what GTbets brings to the table in terms of their real money bonuses. You should check out each offer on your own to see if it fits what you’re hoping to gain. No matter which one you choose, you can expect a nice boost to your gambling efforts when all is said and done.